Cruiser Pegs.

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    Hi troops. I am on my third set of Harley Cruiser Pegs since November. The problem is that the chrome where the bracket fixes to the crash bars keeps splitting. The object of these is to put your feet up whilst cruising, so naturally, you will put a bit of weight on them!! At least the weight of your leg!! They slide round a bit, so have to be re tightened. Thats when the chrome splits. Has anyone else had the same problem and reached a satisfactory 'fix'? :(
    My dealership has fired off a couple of e-mails to Harley, but as yet, had no reply. Thank you for your input bro's.
    Shiny side up.

    Ted from Plymouth UK
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    Best thing I ever tried was to remove the set screw, mark the area where you want to keep them in place, drill a small hole where the set screw will set into the hole a bit and this should hold them in place.