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Cruise Fixed 2008 FLHTC TBW


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Well its fixed now! Picked the bike up tonight from the dealer. All this time the cruise never worked! I thought I used it once, but now that I think back I tried to use it when I first picked up the bike but couldnt get it to set,tried it a few times then shut it off. When I went to use it this past weekend it didnt work. I assumed it worked before!! You know what they say when aussume!! make an ass out of u n me!! Dealer said it never could have worked, because the tech never downloaded the software!! This is the first one they installed! So much for road testing the bikes! When I picked it up and took it home tonight I noticed a scratch on the side saddlebag, under the double guard bars, only way that could have happened is when the tech removed saddlebag to check the fuses, believe me Im anal and that was never there!! I called the dealer they were closed. Ill have to go and straighten this issue out Saturday, oh well!! Thanks everyone for your replies, Bill :skipping