Cruise control installation '07 FLHX

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    I wanted CC on my bike so I ordered a kit that is made up of all Harley parts. Today was installation day and I made good progress but now I need some help with the wiring. The instructions say to remove the right side control cluster and wiring harness, discard the old one, and install the new one, but the kit didn't come that way. I have to build the right side control cluster using the existing switches. The kit has a new lower housing and the additional CC switch. I fished the 3 wires for the CC switch through the harness cover but now I need to connect them to something. There are only 2 vacant cavities on the molex connector so a 3rd wire must connect to something else. I sent an email and voice mail to the guy I bought the kit from but he isn't responding, maybe due to the holidays. Does anyone have knowledge of how to wire the CC switch on an '07 Street Glide?

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