Cruise Control Initialization (pre 08)

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    Also see here for the cruise diagnostics and codes.
    Cruise Control Diagnostics and Codes - Harley Davidson Community

    If you were doing a throttle cable adjustment it is possible that you may need to do an initialization . Here is the scoop from the service manual:
    The engine should be at normal operating temperature and throttle and idle cables should be correctly adjusted. To set the correct cable lash proceed as follows:
    1. Push the Cruise Switch on the right handlebar to RESUME and hold it.
    2. Turn the Cruise ON/OFF switch to ON.
    3. Turn the Ignition switch to IGNITION.
    4. Start the engine. The green Cruise Enabled/Engaged lamp in the speedometer will illuminate.
    Wait 3 Seconds for the lamp to go off.
    5. Release the Cruise Switch from the RESUME position
    6. Push the Cruise switch to RESUME and hold. Cruise will pull in cable until change in RPM is detected. The number of motor steps required to rev the engine is stored in memory.
    7. After engine revs and Cruise Enabled/Engaged lamp is extinguished release the Cruise Switch from the RESUME position.
    8 Turn the ignition switch to off.

    Some possible causes for improper operation are

    If the cruise engaged lamp does not illuminate at all, check for one or more of the following conditions:

    a. SET/RESUME switch faulty or not wired correctly.
    b. Broken or pinched wire to SET switch or cruise module.
    c. Cruise engaged lamp burned out or miswired. Lamp is turned on by module supplied ground.
    d. Main 10-place connector not plugged into cruise module.
    e. Faulty cruise main switch and associated wiring.
    f. No module ground at Terminal E of 10-place module connector.
    g. Brake light on constantly.
    h. Throttle cables too tight.**
    i. Bad cruise control fuse.
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    I did not see a Cruise Enabled light on my 2003 Road King Classic 100th Anniversary Edition. Are you supposed to REV the engine with the throttle during initialization process or just let the cruise control attempt it? Don't get it!
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    No, you don't twist the throttle.
    Reread #6 carefully.
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    Does the cruise control module rev the motor quickly or gradually? There is no cruise control enabled light in the speedometer at al, so am I missing something here? The cruise control seems to have a mind of its own, meaning once in awhile it actually works, but most of the time not. Could it be I might have a bad cruise control module? Bad speed sensor, but speedometer seems to work just fine! I know its a lot of questions, but I need to have a good idea before I just start buying parts!
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    I would disable the cruise till you get it sorted out. I would be concerned of sudden acceleration or unable to disable cruise once set....
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    I would say no to the speed sensor.

    It sounds like you have no power to the cruise, hence you cannot do the initialization. The switches on each side tie into power. I would be looking at the on/off switch (left side) for issues. You could also pull the left side cover off and inspect the plug there. But again, you are getting power via the on/off switch.
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    This is exactly where I am now, unable to disable CC, brakes, clutch, even the switch on the fairing and bike continues to climb in rpm, kinda scary. Had to shut the engine off at 75ish then with the clutch pulled restarted and it hit the rev limiter. Have a post in the touring section right now looking for advice on how to troubleshoot this. Will run the initialization tomorrow and see if it responds correctly. Also this is intermittent, yea. 06 Ultra w/103.

    Thanks in advance