Cruise Control Diagnostics and Codes

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    Also see here for the initialization of the cruise.
    Cruise Control Initialization (pre 08) - Harley Davidson Community

    NOTE: Some speedometer calibrators like the Dakota digital will knock out the cruise control on the 08 fly by wire bikes.

    Here is how to pull the cruise control dropout codes and what they mean. They tell you why the cruise control disengaged. The module stores the last 8 dropout codes starting with the most recent dropout.

    To invoke the readout:

    Engine OFF, cruise switch OFF

    Push cruise set/resume switch to SET and HOLD it there while switching to IGNITION (do NOT start engine)

    RELEASE the set/resume switch and watch the cruise enabled will flash out 3 digits encoded as a series of pulses in the following pattern >>> the first digit is string of 1/4 second flashes, then a one second pause; then the second digit is string of 1/4 second flashes, then a one second pause; then the third digit is string of 1/4 second flashes and it stops.....write down the number of flashes in each of the three segments and you will get a three digit code

    if you want to verify the flashes you just saw, then push the switch to RESUME and it will repeat the three digit code that you just read.....

    to get the next three digit code that is stored, push the switch to SET and three more digits will be pulsed out in the same format as above.....continue advancing the codes by toggling to the SET (or verify them using RESUME)

    there are 8 codes stored and once the buffer is empty, the cruise engaged lamp stays on solid.........if you want to repeat all 8 again, then toggle the switch to SET

    to exit the readout mode switch the ignition to OFF

    You now have 8 three-digit codes written on your arm....their meaning is:

    111 No Codes, memory clear
    112 Throttle roll off
    113 Cruise switch turned off
    122 frt or rear brake applied
    211 Coast interval longer than 6 seconds (S/C button)
    212 speed dropped below 30 mph while s/c button held
    213 speed below 26 mph or above 90 mph
    221 speed drops more than 15 mph below speed set point
    222 speed decrease exceeds 20 mph per second
    223 vehicle speed sensor input
    231 rpm exceeds 5000
    232 tach signal lost
    242 high rate of engine rpm change (e.g., hit ice or slipping tire)
    341 low voltage
    internal failure if code 311, 312, 313, 321, 323, 331, 332, 333, 342, 343, 351, 352, 353, 361, 362, 363, 371, 423, 432, 777