Cruise Control Adjustment

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    Cruise Control
    On ‘97 models only, if cruise does not set above 60 mph or speeds up from 60 to 70 mph and then
    cancels, check cables for proper adjustment. If the adjustments are correct, the cruise module may
    need to be replaced. For replacement use P.N. 70989-98 and use existing cruise cable.
    If you change an induction module P.N. 27202-98, it has the new ‘98 cruise cable connection. The
    ‘97 and earlier cruise cable requires that the throttle actuator plate on the ‘98 module be replaced
    with the one from the previous module. Use the instructions in the Service Manual listed for ISC
    replacement to accomplish this.
    The ignition module on carbureted bikes does fire (at TDC) for the first few revolutions and does not
    ignore the first three sensor inputs as described in the cruise diagnostics.