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I picked up the new CROSSBONES softail bike yesterday and It rides great.
The only thing I didn't like was the stock exhaust system , so I took out the baffles today and now it sounds great.
The thing I need to know is do I need to bring it back to the dealer to get anything adjusted?
the reason I'm asking is as everybody knows it's fuel injected so I'm wondering if the baffles might effect it somehow.
Thank .
Better off to leave the baffles in. They need back pressure to run right. You also loose bottom end torque with the baffles removed besides running poorly.
try smaller baffles, but remeber it's suck swueeze, bang and blow. You can't let it lose all that back pressure without taking in more air and fuel, resulting in needing more spark.

It sounds nice, but you just lose your bottom end. 9 out of 10 stock bikes will eat up piped bikes because thier not tunes right. Just an FYI..

also, Talk to your mechanic and read your service schedule on haveing that springer adjusted. I have heard thereis a break in period on it. It can get slopy from what I hear. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
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