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Cross Bones looks awesome

I'm sorry if somebody has already posted about this, but it's been a while since I've been on here. The cross bones is an awesome looking bike and I got a chance to sit on one at our local dealer, and it's such a nice bike. it's a big wide seat and the mini apes put your hands straight out. I'll definately get one when I get a chance to.
Love the looks of the X-Bones. Just waiting for the little woman to decide if she wants it or the 1200L. Hope she is up riding by April.
I have yet to see one in person. I was down in FL last month and stopped by the dealer there, he said the first one he got was gone in less than three hours. He said the second and third ones he got were gone just as fast. Awesome looking bike from what I have seen.
God awfull looking thing,big donut front tyre,almost vertical forks,crummy little single oldy worldy seat,:bigsmiley29:but then,life would be a real drag if we all liked the same thing.:GERMANY
Saw one in the local dealer here, wasn't too excited about it myself, I prefer the RK with all the chrome:bigsmiley12: