Critical Fasteners

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    Since I wanted to follow the service manual to the letter, I thought I'd let the forum know how the checking of the 'critical fasteners' has been going. First off, the reason the dealers don't go over them all is that it will take a bit of work to get at some of them and a fair amount of the bike has to be removed to get to them all.

    Regardless, after going thru 3/4th of them, I have yet to find one that is not tightened to spec and just fine. You basically torque to the lowest setting and check them. If loose, remove, put thread lock on them and reinstall.

    Has anyone found one that is not torqued or has come loose. I was surprises that all of mine are still just fine after 1000 or so miles.

    Off to the fluids now.

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    Going over the list, most are okay, only once in a while to I have one the turns when I click the torque wrench on it. Last one was on the front motormount bracket to engine bolt (there were two). This time I did not completely remove and apply Loctite, but noted it with a tred check on my list...If it happens again I will do it.