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have problem with water trans. oil, changed the oil at 17,000 19,000 &20,000 miles, just changed oil at 20,700. have put new o`ring on the cap. flushed out tranny at 15,000mls
Your post is kind of vague but it looks as if you have cloudy oil in the trans. due to water infiltration. Have you power washed the bike or ridden in a heavy rain lately?

Did you check the inverted "J" breather hose on the trans in behind the primary to see if it is still there. If it persists, you may want to replace the inverted "J" with a longer piece of hose tailored to the same config and tie wrapped to the frame higher up to eliminate the source for the water to get in to the trans.
Ride my bike all year long. oil not cloudy but white did find the tube bent in to the wrong place, but was at 17,000 mls. Thank`s will try with the longer pipe