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Crash Peg?


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I was speaking with someone in my BRC class who was talking about "crash pegs" for Sportsters. (Not sure if that's the correct term.) In essence, it is a bar that bolts to the frame where a crash bar would normally be fixed, but rather than the full loop, it is a less obtrusive fixed peg to offer some protection in the event of the bike dropping.

Has anyone heard of these? Sources? Opinions??

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You might be thinking of the mustache bar made by Kuryakyn.

This is a single bar that bolts across the front of the frame and which has footpegs on the ends. It's designed more for stretching out while riding than for protection, but its better than nothing.

Don't know if they make one for Sportsters, but worth a checkout.
on sport bikes they are called,sliders,they look like a footpeg they attach 1 on each side of the bike,they are designed so that they hit the ground first,they are basically used to save parts on your bike,no real safety benefit.I hope this helps.I only know this because I had my mid-life crisis last year and rode a sportbike,but I have come to my senses and came back to the harley life.
Thanks for all the input! I've come to my senses too and had the full engine guard installed on my new Sporty. I'm not wild about the aesthetics, but as a newbie, I figure function over fashion is the right answer! (I'll just deal with the girl bike with traning wheels comments I guess! )
You did the right thing Sharky with having a full 'crash bar' installed rather than just the bar. I layed down a 1200XL Custom in 2005 after hitting a dog and the crash bar basically saved the bike. Had it been just a bar it probably would have folded upon impact with the ground and more damage would have resulted.