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Crankshaft Runout (videos)


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Since the MOCO came out with their new design in crankshafts(press fit cranks) instead of keyed or pinned, there have been some bikes with excessive crank run out with very low miles on them. Some of the symptoms in the more sever cases are vibrations in the engine far worse than normal.
This causes problems because of the run out on the shaft damaging oil pumps and more.
The MOCO has replaced complete engines in some cases to eliminate this problem under warranty.

Here's a few videos that will give you an idea of what this is about brought to my attention by dynarider of this forum.

YouTube - 2007 Harley Davidson 96 Twin-Cam Pinion Shaft Runout

YouTube - 2007 Harley Davidson 96 Twin-Cam Pinion Shaft Runout Part 2.

Crankshaft Runout Inspection - Harley Davidson Community

The above link will show the specs in a document about the run out and the Tech Tip that covers it also.
saw your posts on the crank issues and you have really hit it right on the mark....I have a 2007 ultra and since day one have had issues with compensators coming loose and vibration....finally the dealer admitted that that the crank was out of tolerance and gave me a new motor...well that motor didn't last but about 2 weeks...with the problems coming right back...went back to dealer and they said it was in my head and the bike was fine....I then took the bike to my good friends at zippers performance and they verified that the crank had again moved and was over 14 thou out(first motor was 32 thou out) they are installing an s and s crank with timken bearings...burns me up though that I am making a large payment on something that I have to repair out of pocket to make work...

anyway thanks for posting your information...will be of great help to all those wondering why there bike shakes like a leaf at all rpm ranges....
It's been a problem with the new motors starting with the 96 and up through the 110 that has had a real bad time with this issue in the CVO bikes.

Sorry to hear you had to go the final route to fix the problem but you'll have a much stronger engine after this is done.
I have an excessive vibration in my 07 Hertiage that the dealers have been telling me is in my head. It makes my eye balls shake and is no way normal. I've been tring to get the problem fixed for a year and I had to threaten Harley with a lawsuit just to get to rep to ride my bike. I'll let you know what happens. I can't thank you enough for the information in this form.
Let us know what the outcome is and what gets done if anything.

Don't accept the old line "they all do that".

Have them check the run out on the shaft. If necessary have an independent do it after they tell you it's normal.
I have 2003 FLHRCI I had a poblem with a vibration for 3 years I took it to 3 different dealers at different times and they all told me they all shake. If I sit at a stop light and look at the signal I see double. I took it to an indepandent shop and he said I have a bad crank he has 3 others in there with the same thing wrong. I'm really bummed out I told these guys forever what was happening and now that my warrenty is gone the bike is in desperate need of a crankshaft. Is any one doing anything about this with Harley and is there any recourse?
I heard it was only a problem on the later models. You really have to see how much run out you have with your own eyes and measure it. HD changed the spec to like .012" as acceptable. Have you chewed up an oil pump? Stock bike or boosted.

The second video is not a valid way to measure runout. It is not a valid truing stand for that test.