Cover for the fuses on the Sporty

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    A while back someone had mentioned a cover for the fuses on the Sporty.

    After a little trial and error, I have made a cover for my Bike, a 07 1200 Custom and it seems to work O.K.

    I don't know if it will fit on other models but if it's useful to somebody out there, I'll be glad to have made a contribution in return for all the good advice I have gathered on this forum.

    It's pretty easy to make out of stiff plastic. (I used a piece of clear toy packaging, courtesy of my grand daughter.) It needn't be clear but clear plastic is easier to come by.
    N.B. Don't use plastic that's too thick as it will make your work harder and might be more difficult to fit, It's only a cover and doesn't need great structural strength.

    I attach there are a couple of pics, a template reduce to 50% (because of the size limit) and the full size template as a zip file.

    Print the template 100% (It's a good idea to check that the measurements correspond as some printers can alter the size of the document by a few mm. and it needs to be accurate to fit.

    I made a stiff paper one first just to familiarise myself with the construction and to check the fit.

    Cut and score for the folds, fold and glue together with the appropriate adhesive, depending on the plastic used.
    N.B. If you use thicker material, cut the flaps inside their lines.

    Though it's not strictly necessary to do so, it's easier to fit the lid if you remove the + lead from the battery and you might want to put a little dialectric grease around the base of the lid for a tight seal.

    Be careful when using sharp blades. :yeahright

    Just because the world is unfortunately run by lawyers, :x I have to say that anything untowards that might happen as a result of this post is your responsibility, not mine.

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