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Cost of warranties?


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When I buy my new or used Ultra, I want to get an extended warranty on it. I plan to keep the bike for several years. The sales person told me that a new bike warranty for the additional 5 years (plus 2 from factory) would be around $1400. A 5 year warranty on a used bike no longer under warranty would be around $1800. My question is, do the dealerships mark the warranty prices up and will they come down in price on the warranties to make a deal?
The warranties are negotiable regardless of what they try to tell you. Find out who is backing the warranty because they have other companies besides the HD warranty that they offer with higher co payments.

The 5 year is usually 5 TOTAL including the factory 2 years so you are actually buying a 3 year extension. This is what you have to find out if it's 5 years TOTAL including the 2 factory or an ADDITIONAL 5 years over the 2 year factory.

The 5 year on a new bike should run less than $1000.

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Most warranties will give you a credit if you sell the bike prior to expiration of the warranty. The refund check will usually get sent to the purchasing dealer and you have to pursue it there for a refund.

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Paid $1400 CAD for the 5 year extended on my 2007 in August, plus $400 for the tire warranty. Total 7 years. Dealer said there is also an option to purchase another 5 year prior to the seven year expiring. Never did quote me a price on that though.
We paid 1295.00 in 2004..will be for 7 years ...2 years factory and 5 years extended...Good Luck!..Did ya ever decide on a bike yet?...Know where theres is a Ulta Classic that has 8,000 miles Black Cherry in Color..can get it for around 17,000 in unbelievable shape. If I did not have a bike this is the one I would get...if ya want some info let me know . Its located in East central Missouri.
Bought a new one in September. Dealer offered the extended warranty. I hedged a little and then he told me I didn't have to take it right away. I just had to purchase it before the factory warranty expired. Better option if I had to sell or wanted a different one before factory warranty expires. Ask your dealer.
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I just got a '08 Softail and dealer said 1500 for 5 yr (7 total). Would like to find a dealer that would sell for a little less (if one exists). Of course, a 7 yr old bike is worth how much? So maybe a 5 yr total would be more in-lline? Opinons accepted on length from anyone. Feel free to e-mail if you want and if it is avail (1st post) on this site.