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    I have a 08 Electra glide standard with all aluminum motor and mags 12500 miles I am forced to keep the bike under a breathable cover in the drive way I also have a Honda my wife rides two feet from mine her alum. .is fine mine looks like a 30 yr old neglected bike. both are cared for the same the Harley better though. I have had the problem since Nov when it got cold and damp, I have spent days polishing it out and the problem comes back in days. have had Harley check it out they tell me the 517 millivolts to ground has nothing to do with the problem and it is not a warranty issue it is something I used to clean the problem not theirs. I had two Honda's before my first Harley last year an o5 road king all last winter no problems on that also alum mags and motor can anyone help. thanks I'm beginning to think I should have gone with a gold wing ha!!!
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    If you do a search on the forum, you are not alone with this problem. I believe Hobbit and some others have the same problem as you.
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    The moisture sure does not help. I would spray WD-40 on the aluminum. See if that stops some corrosion. Start the bike up and it is just oil and will not burn. Better it cooks a layer over the aluminum like gas leaves that green stuff in the bowl, hopefully the WD will not because it is clear basically and will not cause a green on aluminum with an oil base to it.

    You have nothing to lose is use a small are where it concentrates most and see if that cuts into your cleaning time is less time at the bike but more riding.
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    Aluminum cast corrodes faster than treated steel.Theres a reason the standard is cheaper.Cast aluminum must be cared for from day 1!We know this yet blaim Harley for there poor product.If you dont properly treat cast aluminum it WILL corrode and fast.
    That said, perhaps the real disapointment is there choice to use it at all.Heres a corrosion chart that tells the story..polish those wheels fellas.

    Galvanic and Corrosion Compatibility Dissimilar Metal Corrosion - Engineers Edge
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    They are not all like this,look at my 07 ,24000 miles ,ridden in all kinds of weather,only covered for winter storage and not a spot of corrosion.I'm sure mines not the only one!
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    Ultimately what is your suggestion for products to use on the cast wheels..I have a 09 flhx with stock rims. Thanks for your help. Redman:cheers
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    Thanks amigo !
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    I had a 2003 Honda VTX 1300 with aluminum mag wheels. They were horrible with oxidation and corrosion. I polished them up with mother's power ball and aluminum polish and then sealed them up with zoopseal. It worked great. THe power ball is also a great thing to have for those types of wheels and really makes them shine. Try it out, you won't be disappointed. The zoopseal guarantees a 2yr oxidation free shine.