correct position of intake flanges & seals

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    1998 FXDL Evo...stock form

    I just closed my factory repair manual and came to post something I noticed which MUST be a misprint....on the carb breakdown page....they show the flat side of the intake seals facing the head and the bevel facing the flange as I have always found them too be....but if you study the picture of the flange...the bevel side of the flange is facing away form the bevel side of the seal ?....Common sense would tell you to put the the bevel to the bevel...right ? The last time I did my intake seals....for some reason...the enrichner no longer raises the idle very high ...maybe 1200 rpm at best ? The enrichener cable is not broken....the seal nut that screws into the carb is not broken either. I'm getting 2 new seals and a carb seal and the alignment tool together and will re do the job...hopefully it will come out right this time. At the same time. I will open back up the carb for a complete inspection.
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