Cool looking plug wires!

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  1. Ok, I will admit that I think thes wire are very cool looking. :shock However, Im wondering if what they say about "not effecting the way the bike runs". Im thinking of getting the but i was wondering if any one has had personal experiences with any of these types of flashing wires.

    ooops! hers the link to what I am refering to
    Glow And Go Neon Lighted Spark Plug Wires - OWN THE ROAD Sorry...long day!
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    Be careful what wires you choose.The ECU uses voltage pulses to determine some parameters and the wire's resistance is critical to how that works.
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  4. Thanks for the info! I was considering getting some of these. Knowing now what you said, Ill consider some other sort of mod. Guess Ill stick to chrome....its easier.