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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hjacobson1, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Well, I made the leap. Traded my beloved Nightster for a '09 Classic. Love the bike, love the way it handles, love the power, love most of the comfort.

    The challenge is that here in Wisconsin, we have been having some rather warm, scratch that, hot weather. Took the bride out for a spin yesterday and we found that while the heat on the new models has been directed away from the rider, the passenger now cooks.

    As a new Electra Glide owner, it could be that passengers have been roasting all the time, and I just was not aware.

    We traveled at many different speeds, 30 to 65 and there really seems to be very little difference in the amount of heat thrown back.

    The outside temp yesterday was hovering around 88-90F.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance everyone.

  2. hjacobson1

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    Thanks Smitty! I just ordered a set!

  3. Fourdogs

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    True duels is also a way but a lot more expensive

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    Heat deflectors work and seen on most late model HD rides especially ones used 2-up. Seeing them on so many, I thought they would be standard by now...kinda like body work on sportbikes. Moving the passenger footrest, lowering the exhaust system away from the pillion, and extending pipe heatshields should also help as Fourdogs suggests.
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    also from Wi. Brookfield, go to e-glide goodies for clear or smoked deflectors. I have been using them for 4 yrs. now. Just be careful that the one on the right doesnt throw the heat to your riders right boot. Also put on Willie Wings on the fairing which made a big difference on air flow direction and lower vents. Running a 2002 Ultra retired service
    dept. H-D Juneau Milwaukee. Good luck
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    Have you done a stage one on the bike yet? My wife noticed the difference on my '09 FLHRC after I did the SE Stage 1 AC, PCV, and V&H slip ons. I run a pretty rich map in the summer here in South TX, we had 60+ days of 100+ plus last year and after the stage 1 the run cylinder never shutdown where prior it would kick in at every extended stop light. I had the heat shields on but took them off because they were causing the wifes ankles to cook.
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    Just to add a line and help with the heat - I have an 09 Ultra and what they say above is one of the reasons that I bought that model.

    Mid-Frame Air Deflectors - 58002-09
    They are a must! Standard on the Ultra

    Adjustable Air Deflector Kit - 58156-08
    Helps out in your 30-65 mph zone - adjustable - gives you a little more air behind the fairing when you need it and adjustable. Standard on the Ultra

    After riding a 07 Heritage down in Leesburg Bike Fest in 07 it was realized that even though we really enjoyed ourselves something was needed for the heat that was radiating up from the back cylinder, through the seat and into our bodies.

    Hope that this helps you out, it did for both myself and my wife on the back.
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    Love my rjsoriginals:D . The heat no longer burns my inner thighs. I do seem to feel more heat on my calves. Much less painful.
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    Just thought I would post a follow up - Installed the RJS' and went out for a test ride. 170 miles and no complaints! Thanks Smitty!
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    Wow, do the pipes make that much of a difference. I am still completely stock Hardware wise, but my mapping is as rich as you can ever want and unless I am moving, I will overheat in hot weather.

    Do pipes get rid of That much heat? I find that amazing at low RPM's such as idle. (?)