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    O.K. I have a 97 superglide with a S&S 107ci engine. My problem is when I go to start it, sometimes it starts, but the starter drags and today the pos wire to the starter got very hot and melted. Also the battery and starter got pretty warm. The battery is brand new and the starter looks to be pretty new. Can anyone help?:28:
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    Depending on what the cranking compression is, you may need compression reliefs in the heads. What kind of shape are the battery cables in? Best bet is to use welding cables and solder on the lugs followed by heat shrink over the ends to seal them. They pass more amps than regular cables due to smaller and more strands in the cables.

    You can order them here if you don't want to make them.

    Cold Riders Yooper Page.
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    If your cables aren't clean and secure they will make heat when put under a load. With your motor being as big as it is I would bet between the compression and cables they are being put under a pretty heavy load
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    I agree with the folks above sounds like a compression issue and the starter is being overworked. When we built the 110 I used heads with a compression release to avoid this problem. Also there are starters that have a better cranking ratio than stock that may also help along with the suggested heavier cables. Thats the 1 drawback to upgrading to 100+ engines that change can lead to the necessaty of a lot of other little changes to bring everything together.
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    Well I will try a heavier cable, if that does'nt work then I'll go with a stronger starter and so on and so forth. Thanx!