Concealed Carry While Riding

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    Greetings folks,

    I'm looking for some advice on how you carry when you ride. I usually carry at appendix or 3 O'Clock but that s pretty inaccessible on a Harley. Any holster or carry suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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  3. Breeze3at

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    Usually left hand inside the pants holster in the small on my back for the .380.
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    Either is fine if that's how you carry normally. Appendix could be an issue if you are set up to bend over more on your bike than at a desk or in your car. I wouldn't worry about being able to access while on the bike since you're much better off driving away then trying to jump off the bike or balance it while trying to quick draw. If you are wearing full leathers and want easy access while getting gas and such, an inside pocket holster in your vest or jacket is a great option. Or open carry like I do when on the bike. Never been hassled and if I end up in a place like a neighboring state that doesn't like open carry, I just don't take my jacket off and it stays covered.
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    Maybe TIMES have changed on this ISSUE... "SO" I Brought up an Old, Low Post Thread to use here...

    I am One who always carries when riding... Never without my Protection...
    Every Day here in SE Az.
    I usually carry open revolver on my right hip and one semi 9mm Carl Walther under my left concealed using a GALCO shoulder holster and ammo
    (2 Xtra magazines/clips) under the right...

    I do feel SAFE...

    In todays Modern World, You should never leave Your Cave without your Club.

    Be well Trained in your weapons you carry and Practice SAFETY... Never Pull out your weapon Unless you NEED/WILL use them.
    Fear for your life is the most common need to Draw your weapon...
    Removing the Threat should NOT be a second or third thought...You Might become the VICTUM...

    Probably you will add/subtract a Lot of thoughts here...

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    Well said. In this day and age I don't frequent "gun free zones". Why take the chance. Remember, when seconds count, law enforcement is more than a few minutes away. I carry because I can't carry a policeman in my pocket.
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    I prefer the inside pocket of a leather vest, and "the colder the weather is, the bigger the gun I can carry":D.
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    On my Oldwing I just put in the ripoff left hand fairing pocket, seems to be made for it. I still have to experiment with the newer to me Road King, but I'm thinking the leather Velcro pocket in front of the left saddlebag.

    It needs to be left side though, never know if ya gonna need it while running.

    This of course brings the onus of accuracy on you, best to practice left hand shooting.