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  1. Randall K. Wilson

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    ON the 2009 96B engine, if you put on a Screaming Eagle Air Cleaner, and change out the stock pipes, what all is intailed in doing the "downloading" procedure. I know the HD dealers do this, but when just exactly is it done to keep from having engine problems?

    I have an agenda to make these changes and desire to do the right thing.

    Please respond.
  2. TQuentin1

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    Should do the downloading thingy as soon as you have made these mods. Now there is a bit of conversation on this site that suggests the new closed loop system is wide enough to adjust for these Stage 1 changes. However, the EFI HD bikes (and the old carb bikes too) are set up pretty lean to meet EPA requirements. So, either spend a couple of hundred dollars getting a one-time download from HD that will tweak but keep the engine running lean, or get yourself a fuel manager that allows you to tweak the fuel being delivered to the engine as you wish. You can do trial and adjust to your hearts content until the bike runs the way YOU like it!! See here:

    EFI Tuner Comparisons - Harley Davidson Community

    More info here:

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  3. glider

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    I agree with the TFI installation instead of the dealer download. The download is still EPA lean and the TFI is adjustable. Check the links that TQ posted for more info including a discount link for the TFI.
  4. jody7734

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    Will a richer fuel map lower engine/ header temps any significant amout on a touring bike? I'm thinking about tweaking my PCV maps for summer here in south texas to as rich a possible.
  5. glider

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    It can lower the temps a bit as compared to a lean map but the optimum AFR is what is required to run properly. A richer than needed map will not be beneficial to you.