compressor or no compressor air ride suspension

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gayleforce, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. gayleforce

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    i just bought a new 2010 electra glide limited. i am of large frame 275# and only ride 2 up (90%) of the time. i am concerned about the shocks. i have upgraded the front end. i havebeen looking at the Platinum system and the legend system any suggestions before dropping that kind of coin???
  2. Mattman4403

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    If you don't need to raise and lower the bike for show, the little hand pump does a great job of adjusting the pressure in the air ride. Just a few strokes on the little pump and you are set for two up or let it off and you are ready for a single.
  3. Doc Ultra

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    Assuming that the 2010 rear air shock system is the same as the 09, my suggestion is to use the HD pump, keep your shocks at 50 psi, ride the bike without worry, and spend the coin on some new cams.