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    It is a tough choice when there are two motorcycle related events going on in your area at the same time. It is even worse when you pick one to attend and you pick wrong.

    Case in point. Last month one of our local HD Dealerships started sponsoring "Bike Nite", on the first Friday of the month, at the local drag strip. I attended the first one even though the forecast was for rain and cold.

    Even with the forecast and a rain delay, more than twenty bikes showed up to race and a significant number of fans.

    Tonight was the second race of the season and the weather was perfect, but........... A neighboring town had a "Cruise In" schedule for tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at the Fair Grounds.

    I chose the races and only one real drag bike was there and four other street bikes made a few passes. I am assuming that the crowd was at the "Cruise In" since the forecast for tomorrow and Sunday call for thunder storms. I left the event early feeling the need for a little wind in my hair (yes, there is a joke in there somewhere) and just hit the back roads for a few hours before returning home.

    I call overs and this time I pick the "Cruise In". If only it were that easy.

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    Being the eternal optimist (so my gal says) nothing lost everything to gain, attend what you can, and consider it a gift that the event is happening and you are a part of it. I consider not attending as an opportunity lost, but then you have the ride in both cases, no downside I can see! :D
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    Your right - One should not complain when their cup runneth over. The weather was the real culprit - My original plan was Friday races and Saturday and Sunday at the cruise in. Since the weather limited me to one or the other I chose the races to show support for the dealership's efforts in sponsoring the races. Plus, a night's entertainment for $5.00 is hard to beat.
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    That is some cheap entertainment, for sure.