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  1. Randall K. Wilson

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    I kind of re-started a thread here recently about the 88 Twin-Cam Chain tensioner thingy.

    Got a call yesterday, two friends who rode their H-D Ultras to Alaska from Indiana were in Wyoming headed home from Alaska. Yep cycles in the back of a U-HAUL box van rental truck.

    One gent was on a 2003 Ultra and one on a 1998 Ultra (evolution engine). On the way back the gent on the 2003 started hearing the metal sound of trouble. Went to a HD shop, but they were getting ready to close. He decided to risk it and keep traveling toward home. (HD shops not to close together up there)

    The internal engine sound got worse, eventually he limped into a HD shop. Then his engine was torn down and yep, the failure of the chain cam tensioner rub plates was the issue. It is my understanding that the oil pump was hampered, and damage was done to the crank and perhaps other areas of the engine. My pal told the gents at the shop to box up the engine pieces he was going to get a truck load up everything and head to Indiana.

    A very gloomy end to an adventurous ride to Alaska from Indiana.

    The 2003 Ultra had 37,000 miles when this senario came to fruition.

    My other friend who has a 1998 Ultra with perhaps 25K, his cycle did fine and dandy.

    With my 2003 Roadking having 40,000 miles and even though I have heard nothing negative, I'm going to get my chain cam tensioners checked out by my personal mechanic to prevent something worse from happening.

    Stay tuned:
  2. twoup

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    Every time I hear a story like this I start hearing new noises in my engine!!!
    Odometer says 25k miles. Synthetic since 1k service. Think I'm ok for now
    but will be checking next 5k.

    ride safe
  3. glider

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    I always cut open the filters on all bikes to see what they hold. Easiest way of seeing if there is anything going on that should require attention.
  4. Rewind

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    I hate to hear your friend's bike is down!!!! Would it have helped him if he had stayed at the first dealer he stoped at??
  5. ladydihd

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    My 2003 Softail Standard with 26000 miles on it came home on a rollback Thursday. I was heading out to the PA State HOG Rally and made it about 35 miles from home to meet the rest of our group at the dealer. I heard a motor noise one mile from the dealership. I went to dealership and called AAA. I have motorcycle towing. Towed bike home and got the car. Good thing I was not further away from home. A friend pulled cam cover off yesterday and two orange pieces of cam tensioner fell out.
  6. Rewind

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    That is not a good thing at all. Hopefully you caught it in time before it did any damage.
  7. horizonchaser

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    Straight shootin' honesty Richard. Your advice is always helpful. THAT is your forte.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    As Glider says, easiest thing is to check the oil filter. Also, if you ever have the primary cover off...i.e. starter clutch replacement or similar, inspect those bright orange tensioners by loosening the chain and checking the wear pattern. If you still see the "factory" moulded ribs and no brown appearance on them, chances are it is fine...but if you see the dreaded brown grooves with the chain wear pattern in them I would suggest replacing at least the shoes, and as TQ and others have said, if over 35,000 miles may want to change out the stock roller bearings to Torrington type (see his detailed post on the subject in the Self Help section).
  9. Spade5

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    How do you cut open an oil filter?

    I looked in self help and didn't see anything on cutting open an oil filter.

    How do you go about cutting one open?
  10. glider

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    I have a tool that I made to do it and there are tools available to buy that cut them open without any pieces of metal added to the filter.

    I will get some pics and post them in the self help shortly.

    POST added to self help area.

    Cutting An Oil Filter - Harley Davidson Community
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