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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SunCruise, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Today I decided to cut down my stock 20" windshield. Originally thought I would cut 2" but after careful judging my eye level (relaxed sitting) using a piece of arrow I had laying around I found I was looking through the top 1" and stretching up to see over. Wanting to bring the shield down to nose level or 2" below my eyes I cut off 3". I Should have done this long ago...what a BIG difference. Being able to easily see more of the road only increased my comfort and confidence level. I have always felt like the bike was easier to handle below me, with no shield (at parking lot speeds) than with the tall "all up in my face" Greyhound Bus Shield, even though I could somewhat see through it.
    I didn't get out on any major highways yet but the local back roads were less threatening when it started to rain lightly. I only had drops on my glasses and plenty of view of the road surface in front and ahead of me. Now I like my windshield even more.

    The Soft Lowers kept my lower legs and feet warm and dry. Enjoyed my ride today despite the dark cloud coming home. Be Safe. SC
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    I bet that you are going to enjoy your scoot so much more now. What till you get into the curves. Your overall riding satisfaction will increase 100%.
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    The only downside to a shorter shield is to the comfort of the passenger. I'd put a CeeBailey's on my Ultra just after I bought it. The shield was great for me since my vision was better and the wind just hit me around forehead level. But my wife got more of the wind blast.
    Picked up a Clearview 10" shield this winter so I'll be changing over to it and see if that improves my wife's comfort any. It should still be below my eye level as it's 2" higher than the CeeBailey but 2" below stock.