cometic gasket : the right way to use it

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    Hi all,

    I watched this man on this video :

    Head Gasket Questions - Video

    The video is 09:55 long and after he said "you shall remove all the o-rings from the gasket because cometic gasket don't use o-ring", after 08:20 he also says 'you shall add some "permatex" (not sure about the name) a kind of jointing compound, around some holes of the head, to prevent fluids to insert between the layer of the gasket when the motor get up hot or get down cold".

    Well ...

    As i soon will mount some of those gaskets on my top end, i would appreciate your recommandations on the right way to use those gaskets.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I just used a .030 Cometic when I torqued my new heads and Cometic didn't mention any type of sealant. They only specified torquing the heads to 42 Foot pounds vs following the HD Service Manual which said torque to 22 Foot pouds and then an additional 90 degrees (I think those were the numbers). I followed Cometic's directions, not the manual on this one.
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    As for o-rings on top of jugs, Harley doesn't use them anymore ether.