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  1. ImaRider

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    Lately I have been noticing a few GW riders with what I would call large communication mics on the outside of their helmets. First question I have is who are these solo riders talking to? 2nd question is can't the mic be inside the helmet where wind noise wouldn't be a problem? when I ride the last thing I want to be doing is talking on the phone or listening to someone that wants to talk to me. I ride for the peace and quiet, and pipe noise of course. Just wondering about all this communication stuff.
  2. oldhippie

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    I mounted my H-D mic and headphones on my shorty helmet. That big looking mic is actually a windsock covering a small mic and very little to no wind noise gets in the way. It also is connected to listen to the radio or CD player or CB.

    Kinda agree, what good is a mic on the outside of a full face helmet though?

    Found it just as effective to turn my head to talk to my wife and we ditched the headphone/mic setup.
  3. Amish Hawg

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    HA!! On my drive from Shreveport today I saw the same thing.......I thought a rabid, fuzzy haired mouse was airborne and attacking his face. it was bigger than a golf ball.:newsmile030:

    I'm sure it serves its purpose, just caught me off guard.
  4. dbmg

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    I am also in ah of all the electronic gizzardre that people get installed on their bikes.I always thought we rode to get away from distractions and the freedom of the road. Riding a bike is hard enough let alone the GPS overriding the radio, which the radar detector overrides both of those, and the blue tooth that overrides all the above while talking to your passenger....Why not just take the cage......... :dknow
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    Lots of gizmo's on a bike is not my idea of riding however my helmet does have integrated bluetooth i can marry it to a number of bluetooth device however i only use the helmet to helmet comms me to wife just in case we need to discuss something during a journey i keep the channel closed most of the time and only open it when i need to speak to her if she wants t speak to me she raises her left hand and i open the comms as she has not bothered to learn how to open it from her end
    But often we will do hundreds of miles without using the comms

  6. ImaRider

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    You can plug the helmet into a spot on the bike radio to listen to it? Is that the way it works? Or is this all wirelessly done? still trying to understand how these things work.
  7. Jennmarr

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    Depends on the system you have. The factory installed com system on Goldwings and the various H-D models are wired systems. There are several manufacturers that make wireless systems that can be added to almost any motorcycle. JM makes a system to convert the hard wired factory systems to a Bluetooth setup so the cable from the helmet to the bike can be eliminated.

    GARVIN Active Member

    I stopped using my hd mic set up & went wireless. the HD unit kept cutting out, & when the wfe started riding It was easier to keep track of in traffic directions & fuel levels, most of time I turn down volume & ride in peace .
  9. flipper

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    When I got my Heritage, I had a J&M CB installed so my husband (on his Ultra) and I could talk if necessary on trips. I could plug my iPod in and listen to music too, all of that requiring cords, but like many others have said, I usually just like to ride without it. In fact, I don't care to listen to music much even when I'm in my truck. I like peace and quiet and time to think..... On the Street Glide, I can put on my Garmin (which I don't trust) and get directions wirelessly through my Sena bluetooth headset. My husband and I can also talk to each other wirelessly via the headset intercom, and I can listen to music that I uploaded to the Garmin if I desire. It's nice to have if you need it, but it's certainly not necessary. We can do just fine with hand signals.