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    There's a good chance we'll be relocating to CO within the next year or so. I'd like some input on a good location south of Denver, My daughter lives in Highlands Ranch, and the wife and I are just not the big city people. Any good locations between Pueblo and Denver? Knowing that takes up alot of area, but just a start. We are riding to Denver in Sept and looking around. I thought maybe some of you that live there would be a good way to find places to look at. Thanks
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    I know it is a little west of Pueblo but I really liked Gunnison when we went thru there a few months back.
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    You might want to look at the Woodland Park area its at the base of the Mtns. Also nice small areas west of Denver on hgwy 285. Its all beautiful Country. Good Luck
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    Colorado Springs is a very nice area.
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    Many places to pick from but, of course, need to know what your looking for (size and land?) and cost. Where will be the job because in winter time I25 can get bad. Just north of Denver the Ft Collins area is ok too. Where are you moving from?
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    I have a cousin and her family that are in Colorado Springs. I was there about two years ago. Very pretty area. The Air Force Acdy. is there.
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    A few suggestions.

    If you want to stay close to Denver, but be outside the city then Parker is slightly to the South East, and has a smaller town feel.

    Farther South on the I is Castle Rock. Expensive, but still small.

    Even smaller towns are Monument, Larksburg, and others that are tiny.

    Colorado Springs is varied because it is fairly large but spread out. It is a very Conservative town that is heavily influenced by all the different Christian groups that have planted their HQs there.

    Security is south of the Springs, but that is pretty much a Military outcropping of the Springs itself. Still some nice parts, but high crime rate and property values are not the greatest because of all the transient military members moving in and out.

    Then there is Peublo. It is getting bigger every year, and has a mix of very old industrial areas and newer areas.

    I personally lived in the Springs for about 18 years. I moved up to Centennial near C470 and Smokey Hill road about 4 years ago. I moved because the job market in the Springs was terrible at the time, and it has not improved much. I am an Engineer, and in the Springs that means Government contract work is the primary employer. Since I served my time in the Air Force, I no longer had any desire to be involved with the waste and bad practices of government contracts. The bonus is I live in a quiet area with access to everything Denver offers, but since I work 35 miles from where I live that means dealing with the traffic everyday. I found back ways to work, and my morning and afternoon rides to and from work take under an hour and are what keep me sane.

    The riding just outside Denver, and in the whole area, is great. Mountains with lots of twists and turns one day, and then open plains for slow cruises the next. About the only thing you cannot get is an ocean front ride.

    If you have any specific questions, send me a PM or post them here.
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    Wish to thank everyone for their replies and comments. I should have made my questions a little clearer. We're not planning on full time employment, our daughter and family live out there now and we plan on just moving out there to be closer to them, just not too close. The wife and I love the area and also love to ride in the mountians and just the general area, north,south,and west of CO. Our thing is two lanes and not being in a hurry. We live in IN now and the plan is when I retire, head west. We will be in CO in the first part of Sept. and plan on looking around. We're small town people and farm people, so our traffic jams have been meeting a large piece of farm equipment on a county road. Thanks again for the replies.

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    One thing about Colorado, everything is clustered around Denver...go out 100 miles and huh...where did everybody go? Had relatives living in residential area near Littleton...! But the beautiful country, is outside that circle, been to Colorado Springs and number of towns, just be prepared for the 4 seasons if you are not used to it.
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    NEWHD, I live in north central Indiana, the 4 seasons are great.