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Colol thing, accidentally???


Here i was riding my bike... going about 100km/h...
accidentally hit the kill switch and for about five or six seconds i didn't notice that... when i flipped it back on ... BOOOOM
big freaking explossion (sounds just a bit louder than a shotgun, i got se stage 2 pipes) and friend of mine, who has been ridding behind me said he saw a hole lot of fire comming from my exhaust.
COOOL or I could have damaged something???
Re: Colol thing, accidentally???

You just loaded up the pipes/muffler with unburnt gas and when you hit the run switch it fired it off. You may have set a code doing that and may light a light now after a restart, nothing to be concerned about, It can be cleared.

It's not something you want to do for fun as if could have a detrimental effect on a valve if it holds it open when it shouldn't be open.