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Collector's Plates

Does anyone else collect these holiday collector's plate? I started back in 1990 and I have every one since. Here is the picture on my 1997 one that I was just looking at putting out.

I have a few of these plates and I was wondering if they were worth anything? I have thought about putting them on ebay and see if I can sell them since I don't have any interest in cluttering up the house. Thanks!
I seen a good collection run through a local auction recently, but price was too high for me.I buy and resell all types of items when I get the chance.
I have a set of 10. They sell on E bay for around $300 for the set so i guess it all depends on how many you have. I wouldn't consider selling mine for anything but that's just me.
Keep an eye out at flea markets for these. A friend of mine got 2 for $10 total. Quite a bargain if you ask me, Funny thing is, it was a woman who was selling off her hubby's stuff after he left her for someone else. She was probably undercutting the prices just because she knew that if he knew about it he would be hopping mad!