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    Here is a collection of various PGR missions I have filmed. I don't film the most important part which is the flag lines and the funeral proceedings. Some do (even the family) but I just don't like to film that part. But in any case here are a few missions with some music I dubbed in.

    I will say that my little Nikon $99.99 camera does a heck of good job even in spite of my poor filming ability. You can full screen it if you like because the resolution is there.

    PGR, standing for those who stood for us.

    YouTube - ‪PgrProject_1.wmv‬‏
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    Excellent R W B!!!!! Florida to Illinois, the PRG is there!!! Great people doing great unselfesh things for people they don't even know. Beautiful!!!
    Ride Safe!!!
    wilks3 :D