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cold weather!!



I don't know how many of ya ride when it's under 40 or 30 but if you do and you don't have the Heated grips you can throw some cheepie pocket warmers in your gloves to keep the frostbite away......ok some of you already do that, but what I just found out it those things say they last for 8-10 hours, but if you roll them up in a zip lock bag to get the air out you can use them over and over.
I got a pair of the Gerbing G3 heated gloves last year that hook into the battery on the bike with an adjustable thermostat on your belt. Wish I had then a LONG time ago. We ride down to about 40* and my hands have never been cold. They are very flexible compared to the older ones.
coldest I've been out is 15 deg. F. 10 miles though town and 10 on the highway, just going to work early in the morn. I used to live in central WA. and in Nov. went I went to work it was real cold but coming home it was bout 45-50 you start getting below 20 you don't want any skin showing that's for sure.!!!
Hmm the coldest Ive rode I had to scrape frost off the seat of my bike had to stop once to thaw my fingers and toe's at 25 miles out ,rode anther 20 mile of bone chilling shat got home .Got myself off the bike got in the door and enjoyed the warmth .Not the best ride Ive ever had.I get a few warm days here till the end of oct from there on my day's are done till possibly may here Souther AB .
28 last year on my way to work was the coldest at 3am thru snow. Got to work and the irrigation valve froze open on the 7th green it was a ice sheet I had to close the course for the day and let it thaw out. I live south of Phoenix so I was suprised to see the snow to say the least.
got some snow coming out of west yellowstone one late in sept had too keep wiping the windsheild go to the top just as it was hard to the road broke over the top it turn to rain so we got the hell out of their in a hurry huh wildsprirt97 not sure the temp but the slick road suck .thuoght i had frost bite on my fingers pull off the gloves my fingers where black i about (edited) turned out new gloves black dye later day
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