Cold Weather Riding

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    My 14 year old son came home from a weekend at his Aunts and declared that it was totally un-fair that dad got to ride in the snow yesterday. He also reminded me that we promiced to bring my mom (his Grandma) some high test egg nog. She is 81 and loves the stuff on a cold winters day, or any other day for that matter. I need to point out that at 81, she will still get on the scoot for a ride when her knees will permit it. The weather was a rather chilly 28 degrees and overcast, a typical Up-state NY day for December. We geared up and headed the 20 miles or so, to my mom's small town. We ran into the Club that I am a prospect for, a couple of towns away. Since they were headed to the local pub, down the road from my mom's, we joined up with them to hand out some presents to the kids who were not so well off. Santa never looked better on his Glide. I must admit by now my hands were numb from the cold, but I could still feel the clutch, and throttle rocker.Here are a few pics for your viewing enjoyment. By the way being a prospect at 57is no easier than it was when I was half the age, but now I enjoy it a whole lot more...
    Merry Christmas All
    Rick kc2htv
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    Your a much braver soul than I am, I draw the line at about 40 degrees.
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    One word " Gerbing'
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    Had 28 degrees here the other morning..too cold for me but glad you had a good one:D
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    Glad you had a great ride.:small3d018: Harley's heated gloves are fantastic for keeping the hands warm.:newsmile062:
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    You are a tougher man than me! I could stand the cold, but it's the sand on the road that keeps the scoot in hibernation. Wrecked out my RK, may she rest in peace (pieces). Broke both legs and fractured my back last year. Just ain't brave enough to attempt it again.

    Glad you and yours had a good ride. Take it slow and watch for that dang sand!:newsmile055: Have a GREAT Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!:bigsmiley11:

    PS, your Mom is one Cool Lady!
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    I just pulled mine down off the jack yesterday and took her for a 2 hour ride and then put some sta-bil in, filled her up and put her to bed until the next nice day should arrive. I'm glad you got a ride in.
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    Lawdog Sorry to hear about the spill. Yes they put it on the county bridges here really heavy. It gives new meaning to slipin and slidin. Would be better if the county could at least put up signs warning riders, but I'm sure they don't expect us to be cruzing this time of year. I remember riding my snowmobile from Topsham to Brunswick for duty when I stationed there in the 70's. Had a 250 Honda Elsnor dirt bike for the good days.
    Trek Excellant job on a 2 hr. ride in Illinois. Like you, waiting for the next one... Got to go to Moms for some German cooking. You guys have a happy happy...
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    Hey KC...glad ya got out for a putt. I sneak out every chance i get over here in northern RI. As long as i can get her outta the driveway, I always take her thru the gears. Funny, always seem to end up at the local waterin hole.
    Oh, and as for Prospectin at your age, I am doin the same thing at the age of 45. Did it at 22 and like you, am enjoying it more now. I learned not to be in a rush for things. Ride on, man.
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    Keep it up! Harley's are meant for riding not sitting!