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    Just purchased an 07 softail from sea level (I live at 6000 ft.) Bike ran good for approximately 25 miles then started missing. Fortunately, I got the bike home, then once home, the check engine light came on and it died. Bike will now start and run for a few seconds then dies. I pulled the codes with the speedometer and found po107 MAP sensor, po122 TPsensor and po151 rear 02 sensor. Speedometer is also showing PN 67033-046 and PN 32919-07? Any, help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    You purchased the bike and you put 25 miles on it and now it has 3 codes? Did you purchase this bike "as is" or from a dealership with maybe a 30 day warranty. Sounds to me the bike had issues before you purchased it, the previous owner just cleared all the codes, and then sold it. Could that be possible? A change in altitude is not going to throw a P0122 throttle position sensor code.

    For it to throw 3 codes and die I would check the harness cable connectors under the seat and the ECM connector. Some multiple pin connect may be involved since that many things happened all at once.

    Your on your own with no warranty at all? 'As is' purchase?
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    How much fuel is in the tank?

    How long did it sit BEFORE you bought it?

    Bad gas, water in the tank?

    '07, possible that it is fuel tubing in the tank:

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