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  1. cander5814

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    P2176 EFI Closed Postion Not Learned, I took my bike into the dealer for this code. I was asked if I had recently used the kill switch,
    I did accidently hit the kill switch with my helmit. They said that if your throttle is not in the zero position that the kill switch will cause the bike to throw a check engine light. My question is has anyone else ever heard of the kill switch causing the bike to throw a code?
  2. tourbox

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    Not exactly. What I have heard is that if you shut the motor off at a high Idle rpm it will be at that rpm when restarted. Next time you shut down, at a normal idle rpm, it will return to a normal idle rpm on the next start up, if it was at normal that then. Normal being around 1,000 rpm's. I've shut mine off many,many times with the Run/Kill switch and never a code. I always let the idle settle down first though.
  3. joel

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    I'm with tourbox on this one.
    I always use my kill switch, can't do it any other way on mine.
    And with my non CVO bikes I always used the kill switch.
    If the code was cleared, just allow idle to stabilize, turn off radio kill switch than power switch.
  4. jamesearl

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    I hit a big dip on the hwy.once launched me up off the seat,when I came down inadvertently hit the kill switch,no code,started right back up,after I figured out why it stopped.
  5. tourbox

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    jamesearl. I assume your is FI. I don't think it would throw a code in that sittuation due to the fact the TPS is far off Idle & higher rpm being sent to ECM. Just my thoughts though, I could be wrong. If carb'ed it wouldn't throw the P2176 code anyway., No TPS.
  6. Brian Stumo

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    I hit the kill switch with thumb accidently going 35 miles an hour pulled clutch in hit switch to on let clutch out away I went no issue 2003 fatboy EFI
  7. Breeze3at

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    This post deals with "Fly by wire" throttles. Not applicable to bikes with throttle cables.
  8. Harttoo

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    Never heard of this.All bikes newer than 2014,owners manual says to use the kill switch before turning off ignition. Kill switch is less stress on the electronics.
    What I would check is the play in the throttle grip.Lots of Guys pull on the throttle grip as They mount the bike.If grip is pulled too far it does not mesh with the sensor and throttle does not work or may throw a code.Easy to fix.Loosen switch housing, move to the left,tighten switch housing.There should be a little movement ,left to right on grip.