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  1. Anyone tried or have experience with the Cobra Fi2000? I'm running V&H trudauls, Ness bigsucker, Python Race (slip-ons), and have had 2 dyno's from H-D shop w/h-d race tuner on my 2011 FLHX-103. Still popping when shifting 1st-2nd, and 2nd to 3rd (on occassion). Wondering if anyone has tried the Fi2000 and found good results?
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    You have the HD Race Tuner, have paid for two dyno runs, and STILL have a problem? Were they specifically addressing the popping issue on either of the dyno runs?

    Popping is usually the result of not enough fuel or an exhaust leak. If the dyno run adjusted the fuel properly, then you're left with hunting down an exhaust leak.

    These are just thoughts off the top of my head. Someone with vastly more knowledge and experience in this area than me should help you out shortly.
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    You need to find the source of problem which may very well be the lack of experience the tech has. You do not need to spend more money for another band aid that is not going to make a difference. And if it has been suggested to you to do that after all that you have spent, it, maybe time to find a different shop. As the Good Dr. stated you have enough components already to alleviate the problem....
  4. Thanks dbmg and Dr. Dolittle, I have recently relocated to the MD area and have yet to find a shop (H-D) that I'm confident in. I guess it's time to venture outside of the H-D shops or take her back to Richmond, VA to a compitent shop I used there.
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    First off try plugging up the exhaust pipes one at a time listen for hissing, you may find an exhaust leak is part of the problem. Caution, use some thick gloves and some folded cardboard, exhaust is hot:s If you find the pipes leaking seal them with some Permatex Ultra Copper Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone Gasket Maker
    let it skin and put the pipes on this will seal em good
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    hi, i had two fi2000 units on my 08 fatboy with problems , sent them a letter after alot of emails/ phone calls and i just got a circuit board in the mail, no letter of whats going on, i had screamin eagle super tuner installed, best thing i did. for me and others i know the fi2000 gave the ecm on the bike problems, problems don't show at first, but in time bike gets harder to start, idles bad, you get the picture, 90 day warranty should raise a red flag, i missed it hoping unit would do as claimed,going to bbb for some resolution, good luck if you try it
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    I have a FI2000 on my 2005 Harley Davidson EGS. I had no problems with mine. Mine is mounted under the seat, but sitting on it's side. That way no water or anything like that gets trapped in side. Had it on there for 5 years.
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    Doubt it. The FI2000 hasn't been out that long. you might be thinking of the older model.

    I had a FI2000 installed in my 09 Ultra with Reinhart Ultimate Duals, Andrews 37 cams and a AN AC. The unit NEVER worked right. After three changes and "try this or try that" the bike ran hot and like crap. My mechanic pulled it and installed a PCV wit AT. Rick Stetson dynoed it down in MA and it runs fantastic.

    Cobra Customer Service no longer returns calls as my mechanic is trying to return it for credit. Some work. Some don't What I did find was my gas mileage turned to crap.