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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by FAT_BOY_06, May 22, 2011.

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    I see cobra has a new "auto tuner" that is always tuning your bike some 60 times per min. how new are these's and does any one have any feed back on them
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    There are a slew of closed loop systems on or coming to the market. These systems use the O2 sensors on the header pipes plus a module plugged into the other engine sensors to evaluate and adjust the preformance of the engine with whatever modifications have been made.

    You can get a bunch of hits on this subject by doing a Google search on "motorcycle closed loop tuner".

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    Well, for a more informed answer, the cobra power pro autotune doesn't use any o2 sensors. It maximizes crank speed per injector feed. If this works as advertised, it will be the best thing to come out since fuel injection itself.

    And that's 60-80 times per second, not per minute.
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    I hope the dam thing is "waterproof" I just got back from myrtle beach and got caught in a rain storm, the fuel pac I was running got water in it, when we pulled it off the water ran out through the wireing. called the company they said it was under warrenty but I chould not be "over zealous" when washing the bike. they are sending me a new one but I really wanted my money back ( thats not going to happen ) so if anyone is interested in a new one at a really reduced cost e-mail me and I'll give you the specs -- its for a 2010 - 2011 touring HD
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    Are you sure about that? Found this discription while looking at the unit online.

    The Fi2000R O2 version is intended for motorcycles with exhaust systems equipped with oxygen sensors and a closed-loop system.
    This unit allows the rider to retain the use of the closed loop system to ensure the motorcycle meets emission requirements, yet it will deliver the appropriate air/fuel ratio to the engine under load.
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    I saw a you tube video on the installation of the power pro unit. There is a connection to the o2 sensor according to the video. So it must use the o2 sensor for something

    Why did you want your money back if they are replacing the unit? Does it not work like you thought it would?? I'm trying to decide on a tuner for my 2012 Heritage and this Cobra power pro sounds the most promising
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    I run a PVC with AT modules off of the great and Fuel Moto did the work originally so I have lifetime map support.
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    Power Vision by Dynatec is what I use and it is Great! Not as expensive as some and can be reflashed or reprogrammed as long as you have the Memory Card with you at any Dealer or shop. that is if you have any problems which I don't see as for now. TTS is another good Tuner that I have been told from other riders that I talk and ride with. I just know that PV is what alot of Harley shops and Dealers have access too.:D