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Has anyone had any experience with this product? It was highly recommended by a local shop. The xx-soft model is supposed to reduce pull by 40%. I'm shopping around, I know the Burley is supposed to be good too, from what I'm reading, but this one looks very simple to install. Well, sort of simple anyway. Any input is appreciated. Thanks:)
Have a link Joy?

This one? Welcome at Clutchlite

It's all in the angle of the ramps, HD makes about the same thing too and they would pretty much all require the removal of the trans side cover. I know you can do that too. :D

No exhaust removal, just cut down the short end of a 1/4" allen and unbolt the 6 bolts. Piece of cake. Well worth the effort too. Had a similar unit (burly) on all my bikes prior to the 07 that comes with the easy ramp from the factory.

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Oooops! I guess I'm not as awake as I thought I was. LOL
Thanks Glider for covering for me, that is the link. Yeah, I will have to remove at least the top pipe, transmission is behind them. I think I have it figured out, but will do some more studying and let you know. :s
You may not have to remove the top pipe either, look at the link about cutting down the 1/4" allen key. I've done it like that before on a few bikes.

The bolts don't have to be removed from the cover, once broken loose you can un screw them by hand and lift the cover over the pipe with the bolts in the holes yet. Just reverse it to reinstall. Be careful to get the 3 balls in the ramp slots before replacing the ramp itself, it's easy, you'll see when you open it up. Do it on the side stand and you will not have to drain the trans.
It's sounding better & better all the time. I'll re-read the link, I may have overlooked the part about the allen, I was a bit overwhelmed thinking of 'I'm going to have to take all this stuff off' :18: That's why I don't just jump into things! I've learned, long time graduate of the school of hard knocks. :D
I'm confused. Doesn't the inner ramp, that the Clutchlite replaces, live on the left side of the bike behind the primary chain inpsection cover where the clutch cable attaches? Your pictures show you to be working on what appears to be the right side of the bike. Like I said, I'm confused...