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    I am changing out the primary chain on my '03 Heritage and would like to know if I will need a clutch pulling tool to remove the clutch basket.
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    Im sure its pretty much the same as the evo setup in that the clutch will need to come off but no special tools are required
    a circlip plyers to get the clutch adjuster plate out then the correct size of socket to undo the nut
    be aware that the clutch nut is a left hand thread so turn it the wrong way to loosen should als be held in place by a few drops of red loctite so use of a good breaker bar will help here
    if you put bike in gear and get an assistant to stomp on the foot brake while you put steady pressure on the nut
    you will also need a bidirectional torque wrench to get the correct torque on the nut on reassembly
    But a good service manual would explain all this