Clutch replacement on an 08 touring

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    Can I replace just the clutch steel plates and friction discs without taking off the primary cover or should I? Also what does a replacement clutch pack actually consist of? Do I get a new pressure plate as well with a clutch pack? Does the clutch pack include everything in the clutch pack like the first couple of steel plates and the concave ring in the clutch basket?
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    You would have to remove the outer primary to replace clutch parts.There are 3 different kits in clutch breakdown. You can also buy friction plates,steel plates, etc. individually.
    If you go to Granite State Harley-Davidson Lebanon, NH (603) 448-4664 for the OEM parts finder you can get a beak down there. Look at items 11,20,21,& 22. It's a pretty handy site.
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    First if you don't have a manual you would be wise to get one. It's your best friend during maint. Second you will need to take the outer primary case off to remove the clutch plates. If you're going back with OEM check the HD website for the contents of a clutch pack.
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    [​IMG] Here is an image of your clutch set up
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    CLUTCH 6.5
    To remove the clutch without disassembly or for installation
    instructions, see 6.3 DRIVE COMPONENTS, Removal.
    Partial Disassembly
    This procedure can be performed on the motorcycle without
    removing the clutch shell or hub.
    1. Remove primary chaincase cover. See 6.2 PRIMARY
    2. See Figure 6-30. Remove six bolts (1) (metric) to release
    diaphragm spring retainer (2) from clutch hub. Loosen
    each bolt gradually and in a star sequence around the
    3. Remove diaphragm spring retainer, diaphragm spring (3)
    and pressure plate (4) from clutch hub.
    4. Remove friction plates (5, 7), steel plates (6), damper
    spring (8) and damper spring seat (9) from clutch hub (11).
    Continue with Cleaning And Inspection.
    Cleaning And Inspection
    Compressed air can pierce the skin and flying debris from
    compressed air could cause serious eye injury. Wear
    safety glasses when working with compressed air. Never
    use your hand to check for air leaks or to determine air
    flow rates. (00061a)
    1. Wash all parts in cleaning solvent, except for friction plates
    and bearing, if removed. Blow parts dry with low pressure
    compressed air.
    2. Check friction plates as follows:
    a. Blow off all lubricant from the friction plates. Do not
    wipe off with a rag.
    b. Measure the thickness of each plate with a dial caliper
    or micrometer.
    c. If the thickness of any plate is less than 0.143
    in. (3.62 mm), discard all friction plates and replace
    with an entirely new set.
    d. Look for worn or damaged fiber surface material (both
    Replace all nine friction plates with an entirely new set if any
    individual plate shows evidence of wear or damage. Submerge
    and soak all friction plates in FORMULA+ TRANSMISSION
    05, qt.) for at least five minutes.
    3. Check the steel plates as follows:
    a. Discard any plate that is grooved or bluish in color.
    Blue plates are likely warped or distorted.
    b. Check each plate for distortion. Lay the plate on a
    precision flat surface. Insert a feeler gauge between
    the plate and the flat surface in several places.
    Replace any steel plate that is warped more than
    0.006 in. (0.15 mm).
    4. Holding the clutch hub, rotate the clutch shell to check
    bearing for smoothness. Replace the bearing if it runs
    rough, binds or has any end play.
    5. Check the primary chain sprocket and the starter ring gear
    on the clutch shell. Replace the clutch shell if either
    sprocket or ring gear are badly worn or damaged.
    6. Check the slots that mate with the clutch plates on both
    the clutch shell and hub. Replace shell or hub if slots are
    worn or damaged.
    7. Check the diaphragm spring and diaphragm spring retainer
    for cracks or bent tabs. Obtain a new diaphragm spring
    or diaphragm spring retainer if either condition exists.
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    PRICE EACH Ronnies'
    1 2980 SCREW 6 1.99 1.49
    2 7848W JAM NUT 1 0.99 0.49
    3 11096 RETAINING RING 1 0.99 0.49
    4 37092-06 PUSH ROD, CLUTCH RELEASE 1 11.99 9.99
    5 37090-98A SCREW, ADJUSTER 1 5.49 4.49
    6 37069-90 ROD ASSEMBLY 1 11.99 9.99
    7 37312-75 BEARING, PUSH ROD 1 7.49 5.99
    8 37313-80 BEARING, THRUST RACE 2 3.49 2.99
    9 37496-90A NUT, MAINSHAFT 1 15.99 13.49
    10 37554-06A HUB ASSEMBLY, CLUTCH 1 147.49 122.49
    11 37813-06A CLUTCH ASSEMBLY, W/ 1, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22 1 516.99 428.99
    12 37882-06 SPRING, CLUTCH 1 41.49 34.49
    13 37883-98 SEAT, DAMPER SPRING 1 13.99 11.49
    14 37884-98 DAMPER SPRING 1 26.99 22.49
    15 37903-90 RELEASE PLATE 1 14.99 12.49
    16 37904-90 RETAINING RING 1 11.99 9.99
    17 37905-00 RETAINING RING, INTERNAL 1 8.49 6.99
    18 37906-90 BEARING, BALL 1 89.49 74.49
    19 37909-90 RETAINING RING, INTERNAL 1 12.99 10.99
    20 37912-98A PRESSURE PLATE KIT, CLUTCH 1 71.99 59.99
    21 37913-98 PLATE CLUTCH 8 14.49 11.99
    22 37932-98 FRICTION PLATE