clutch cover screw thread stripped

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by craig Lee, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. craig Lee

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    Mz Bling has a screw missing in her clutch cover in the 4:00 position. (6 on her Sporty: 12.00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 and 10:00) A new screw just slides in and out which I assume the threads are history. The other 5 are solid and tight with no leaks around the cover. Are we cool and what might our wrencher do with this?
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    Do You think your mechanic is culpabable?
  3. northernrider

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    You can get a Heli Coil insert for it. If my memory is right it is 1/4 inch UNC.

    I had same problem on a FXR when bike was serviced on a road trip the shop way over tightened them.
  4. fin_676

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    I think that what he will do is to install a thread insert
    the hole where the thread should be will be drilled out a wee bit larger and then a thread will be cut into the hole and an insert threaded into that thread which will take it back to the origional thread size not a big problem as it should be fairly easy to do in that sort of location the only worry is that some swarf may fall into the primary

  5. HDDon

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    If you have a local fastener provider call and ask about keenserts. They are made for areas that will be taken apart often. Easy to install and I have never had one fail. If you are not handy with tools any machine shop should be able to install. Most machine shops keep helicoils and thread inserts on hand with the necessary installation tools.
  6. craig Lee

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    Great info guys. Thanks.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Put some anti sieze on all the fasteners like these that require removal, it will help to save the threads and make removal a lot easier:s
  8. TQuentin1

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    I would be very cautious about an insert type repair. That part of the cover does not have that much meat on it. If it were me, I would tap the hole for a larger screw, even if that was metric. If necessary, chase the hole in the cover so that the larger screw will turn easily and not try to thread the cover thereby damaging the screw and the newly tapped hole in the Primary cover. Then when removing or installing the inspection cover, be VERY gentle with that screw. No internal oil pressure against the cover, so you are just trying to seal those surfaces against the gasket. New gasket every time.


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    Stainless steel inserts like Keenserts or Helicoils properly installed is probably the easiest way, and as Jack & TQ stated use anti-seize and be gentle using NEW fasteners (stainless hex preferred). Torx fasteners were selected for quick/ease of assembly at the factory, kinda like the phillips head screw during war time...not good for long life if torqued to high values. The Helicoil insert was developed when aluminum was used in aircraft...which strips easily and corrodes when in contact with disimilar metals. Nowadays inserts are used regularly on aircraft where high fastening torque is required.
  10. craig Lee

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    OK, I'm a dork! A musician trying his best to keep Mz Bling happy and on the road. Went and got a set of 6 Derby cover screws after church today. Dealer can't just sell one. Came home and if worked perfectly in that 4:00 position. Couldn't believe it. Took it out and AB'd it with the 12:00 one and the new one is just a tad bit longer. Thought about it and I just went back down, took the 4:00 out and put the 12:00 back in the 4:00 position and what happened is because the bike wasn't on the rack and I'm laying on the garage floor, it looked like it went all the way in and got a little gun shy last night and pulled it back out without trying to thread it. The 12:00 does tighten up just fine and the new one being longer just looked like it was starting out further. So the 12:00 back in its position and the tad bit longer screw in the 4:00 position and Mz Bling's happy.

    By the way, the new screw is the recommended replacement for '04 and up XL's with hers being an '06. The dealer did her derby cover years ago and maybe they used the wrong (shorter screws) or the new replacements are now longer than several years ago.

    Thanks again guys and hopefully my error can help someone in the future with a stripped thread issue. I did learn a lot about keenserts, etc. so Thank You.