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Clutch Cable Replacement



I have an 89 Sportster, the clutch cable needed to be replaced, so we took care of that saturday. Pain in the butt to get the primary cover off, but we got it done! Well, when we try to start it, all it does is tick tick tick tick. Charged the battery to full still does it. Is that the starter? This is my first Harley and it has been a learning experience!

I'd check all of the connections from battery to solenoid to starter, etc. All cables in good condition and so on? Next step would be to check the solenoid. It's contacts could be burned.


I have a 85, it did this once and I found a wire leading down into the chain cover that was off dont know what it is but it came off the connection replaced and it started right off. Had to take pipes, cover and foot pegs off to get to it but that was my problem.