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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by dogdad, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Have a neighbor that has a 97' Dyna,,and wants to remove a "Carlini Torque Arm" that he had put on a while back. The pipes have to come off and the clutch cable going into the transmission box has to be disconnected before we can get to the fasteners. My question is this. How does one go about removing this cable from the box? Is the transmission fluid going to come pouring out? What does the cable end inside the box connect to and how easy is it to reconnect. He and i don't want to fool with this if it is a hassle and or a delicate situation. thanks.
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    You really should take a look in the self help area for answers to your questions, it's even set up with different sections so you don't have to search the whole forum to make it easier for you to use. :34:Tell your friend to get the factory manual for his bike, they come in very handy.

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    The trans end cover needs to come off to remove the cable. You have to collapse the cable to be able to remove it. If the bike is on the side stand, very little trans oil will come out but you may want to drain it first to eliminate any mess.

    It's not a difficult thing to do but I don't know why he would want to remove the carlini torque arm. It keeps things in alignment besides stiffening up the right side trans/engine on those rubber mounted setups.
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    The Carlini torque arm's chrome has come off,,looks terrible. All the Harley's pieces look great.
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    I put a Carlini Torque arm on my '92 Dyna. I didn't have to remove the cable to install it. I did have to remove a couple of the trans. cover bolts, but not the whole thing. The chrome started bubbling on mine after a few years, but still doesn't look real bad.

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    These days good chrome is hard to find, Carlini should be told just to give them some feedback of your displeasure...they may offer discounted replacement, course you could have it rechromed with a good metal finisher...