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Clutch Cable/Handle Lubrication


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There's been some questions asked about lubrication of the clutch cable and the clutch handle on Harley's. For some who have never done this, it's an easy service to do.

Start by collapsing the cable adjuster in the clutch cable. After doing that you remove the "C" clip that holds the pivot pin in place in the clutch handle perch, Don't let this clip fly or you'll never find it again. Once the pin is removed, slide it out of the perch and the handle can be removed along with the cable by sliding it through the slot in the perch . Lubricate the pin and the sides of the handle where it makes contact inside the perch with some all purpose grease. While you're in there, lubricate the cable also.

Reverse this procedure to re assemble and adjust the free play in the clutch handle to 1/16" - 1/8" and you're done. You may take the time at this point to include a clutch adjustment down in the derby cover also following the recommended procedure.

You can find that here.

Clutch Adjustment By The Book
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