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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by shorty, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Looking for best method to adjust clutch on 2007 sportster. Shifting is a bit hard and noisy in each gear most of the time. Thanks, Shorty
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    The best method is covered in the owners manual. It is important to completely collapse the adjuster on the cable to assure the proper disengagement when hot when making the adjustment. Without the proper clearance at the clutch adjustment down below, you will get hard shifting and problems finding neutral at a stop.

    Follow it to the letter and it should solve your problem and don't forget to do it with a cold motor before running it.

    If the clutch handle grabs too close to the bar, you will not get full disenguagement when hot and that is probably your problem that you are experiencing. You would need to increase the turns out from zero in the clutch pack itself to more around 3/4 to a full turn and try it then. It should solve your problem.
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