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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Mango, May 3, 2010.

  1. Mango

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    I turned mine out 3/4 a turn as i wanted the clutch to grab closer to the bar, which gives me more ability to feather the clutch compared to when the lever grabs almost all the way out. Bike seems to run fine.

    my question / concern: is there a danger of going out too far (if by accident you went more than 1 full turn). would the clutch slip, and wear prematurely, if you went out too far. would you lose power...?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Mango, welcome to the HDTimeline answer is with a question, with the clutch retention nut was "out one full turn" (normally engaged then rotated in 1/2 turn tighter) was there enough of the raised hex retainer holding the nut in position you left it in...then your good to go. I usually like the friction zone in the ful sweep of the clutch lever travel, with very little freeplay...what ever works for you.
  3. HarryB737

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    If you adjust out too much the clutch will not completely disengage with the lever all the way to bar, and the bike will continue to pull. It's better to have complete disengagement for smoother shifting & safety at the traffic lights...
  4. rancid

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    if you want to change the point the lever lifts the pressure plate adjusting the pushrod is not the correct way to do it. the pushrod adjustment sets the freeplay so the thermal expansion of the pushrod so it doesnt lift the clutch when its hot, the cable is then used for final adjustment, so if you want the lever to act closer to the bar wind the cable adjuster in, the spec for the pushrod adjustment is 1/2- 1 turn so its still in spec, the problem will be if you sit in gear with the clutch pulled for too long the clutch will fry.