Clutch adjust "08" Road King

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by nh-trekker, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. nh-trekker

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    Was going to adjust the clutch last night and could not loosen up the clutch lock nut. I was really putting some gusto into it and it still would not budge.... Is there any little trick too it, or special tool ?? That sucker is really tight. The allen wrench was stsrting to twist a little inside the adjuster.. There was NO WAY you could use a "T" handle allen wrench on this !!!
    THANKS, Don:(
  2. Hoople

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    What does an allen wrench have to do with loosening it.

    You are taking a Box wrench or socket and loosening the NUT first correct? Your not trying to loosen it using an allen wrench, correct?
  3. glider

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    Put the bike in gear and have someone sit on the brakes also if needed. It stops the rotation of the clutch basket.
  4. Bud White

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    you did loosen the big out nut right ? you can get a box end wrench that has a bend in it so it sits on the nut and you can then put the allen wrench in the adjuster and use the box end to break it free with a quick tap if need be
  5. nh-trekker

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    Had more important stuff to deal with other that the bike for a few days, thank god everything turned out "great".
    The lock nut was soooo tight that I could not loosen it . The allen wrench got cocked a little bit in the adjuster and I had to wiggle it out .. I talked to a friend and they said it should not be that tight, DUH". So, when you look into the area where the adjuster and the lock nut are located you can see a snap-ring. I was told to remove the snap-ring and the whole adjuster & lock nut and the plate come out as one. Nothing will fall out behind it . I took out the assy. and put the lock nut into the bench vise . I put a large pair of channel locks on the plate and still had to use considerable force to break the lock nut off of the adjuster, BUT it did come off. No evidence of lock tight or anything else??? put it back together and adjusted per instructions and everything was great... I could not spin the lock nut off of the front of the adjuster shaft so that led me to believe that when the allen wrench twisted in the adjuster at the beginning it oblonged the head of it.. I ordered a new one .. Interesting, HUH ???
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    It was probably someone without a manual that adjusted it last :D
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    Hint, hint!!

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    there is nothing as handy as good bench vice
    i have once or twice had to remove parts from the bike and use a bench vice in a similar way