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clunky kinda noise


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I know the revs need to be right and the cluch fully in,but I have a definate clack knda noise from 2nd to 3rd,and it also seems to be a little heavyier,maybe I imagine the heavy part ,you know how the mind plays tricks when you think on something.Any clues???Dont wanna hear about expensive please.:bigsmiley29:
These bikes are anything but quiet when shifting between gears. About the only thing that comes to mind if the clunk is excessive is switching between gears too fast or a clutch adjustment.

Sometimes if you just pause after pulling the clutch in for a split second, it will shift much quieter as opposed to banging the next gear .
You scored on that one Glider,short pause works,feels a little smoother too,still a little clunk tho,but thats normal apparently.
It's the same with any standard shift. When shifting, the next gear has to slow down or catch up depending what you are shifting to and a split second pause will give you noticeably better shifting.

Glad it helped you out some.