cluncks threw all gears

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    Did my 1000 service on my 09 dyna runnig mobil 1 25 -50 threw the primary and the engine and 75-90 in the tranny, adjusted the clutch and cable. Took it from Boise to Portland and back. It shifts great when cold but once I get it good and warmed up it cluncks threw all the gears shifting up and down and seems to get a lot more noise in the primary once warmed up. All fluid levels are fine and nothing seems burnt. I have had ftf cycle shop listen to it they said they did hear any thing out of the ordanary and had the harley shop even ride it they said just bring it in if it get worse those six speeds just make a lot of noise and it could be from running heavier oil in the tranny. I dont recall it being that loud before and i am not big on waiting for things to get worse.
    So just trying to find out if i am parinode or if i need to have them look into it more.

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    Some would recommend you use another lube in the primary. Lots of comments on oils in this forum. You might check out this section. Oil - Harley Davidson Community

    Not sure if the clutch adjustment might have made the "clunk" sound louder. The "clunk" is normal in all the harleys I've seen and ridden. Maybe some of the moderators will have some good advice.

    I use Mobile 1 V-twin 20w50 in the motor. HD Formula + in the primary, and Mobile 1 75 w140 in the transmission. I believe most folks in this forum think that Spectro makes the best transmission lube, particularly in 6 speeds. I would use it but can find it in my area.
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