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Clothing on long trips


Do you stick to denim, what about leathers, jackets, gloves and all. What about on extended trips where you will clock a lot of miles in a day, do you dress differently then? I am curious about what i will do on our road trips this summer?
I wear chaps,leather jacket, gloves and a helmet on every ride. no matter how long. the longest to date is 400miles in a day. Ride safe Brother
You have to wear leather it is the best form of protection you could have just in case something goes wrong and you take a spill. Leather has saved many people’s bodies in a crash.
If I am just driving around town, I wear whatever I have on. If I go for a short ride out of town I will wear my leather jacket and gloves. But if I am going for a long distance I will put on my chaps, gloves and my leather jacket.